Maleficarum MTL – Erotic Art Edition
FEB 9-10-11 2024
Market Saturday & Sunday : 11am to 6pm
Located at : 4000 rue St-Ambroise suite 278 in Montreal
This event is FREE to attend
Workshops are not free, but we keep them at a low fee accessible for all.
This event is open to all, but we don't censure artists art.If
you choose to come with your children, we are not responsible about educating them about the things they might see (Queer art, Witchcraft, Gothic, Vampires, Uncensored Art)
Erotic Art theme! Sex Positivity, Feminist, Erotic, Explicit, Sex Toys, BDSM, Power Exchange, Queer AND Alternative, Gothic, witchy
Over 40 artists in the weekend!Artist Line up :
Special treats :
Sexy Snacks with Stir Crazy
Friday Erotic and Romantic Music Concert on 9ft Bechstein Piano
Saint-Motel 10$ for 20 minutes
Flash Tattoo Artists on Location!